Nikon D3100 vs T3 – Compare before buying!

October 20th, 2012


When comparing Nikon D3100 vs Canon T3, you will discover that they are entry-level DSLR cameras. Even though Nikon D3100 is selling slightly higher, it is much easier to use with better image quality. So, which one would be a better buy? Continue reading as some key points are given below for D3100 vs T3 so that you can make an informed decision.

Ok… Let’s Compare T3 Vs D3100

First off, Nikon D3100 has a body that is thinner and smaller than Canon T3. However, the two cameras are made from plastic with the T3 weighing slightly less than the D3100. But, Nikon offers a size that is more compact and will certainly feel more substantial.
When it comes to resolution, Nikon D3100 has the edge with 14MP in comparison to the T3’s 12MP.  Plus, the D3100 offers better movie modes with Full HD 1080P recording at 24 fps, compared to Canon T3 with 720P video recording at 30 fps.
The Nikon model delivers higher ISO and slightly lesser noise, plus the overall image quality is somewhat better. With the D3100, it’s possible to produce sharper images especially in conditions with low lighting and high ISOs.
Nikon D3100 offers continuous auto-focus while recording videos, unlike the T3. It also comes with a function to clean the sensor and an automated correction feature for chromatic aberration.
Now, let’s look at D3100 vs T3 in regards to the features that they offer to help new DSLR users. Canon T3 is offering Basic+ and Creative Auto modes combination that will enable users to control the aperture or choose the type of lighting. While this feature is very useful, it cannot compare to Nikon’s Guide Mode.
When Nikon D3100 is in the easy operation mode, users can choose the necessary settings for different conditions like distant objects or sleeping faces. With more experience, users can move on to the advanced functions to use the aperture or shutter priority modes. These two modes are simplified with an interface that utilizes the LCD display screen to show-off the projected results while changing the settings. One thing is for sure, D3100 system is more advanced and well thought out.
In terms of comparing the AF points for D3100 vs T3, Canon has nine and Nikon has eleven. The two cameras are accurate and fast in the normal mode for point and shoot, but are slower in the Movie and Live View mode. It’s nearly impossible to use the T3 in the Live Auto-Focus mode, but the D3100 also has a drawback because the AF motor is not built-in. As a result, autofocus only works with the AF-S lenses and this is generally more costly.
All in all, although the T3 model is a strong competitor it’s hard to beat the D3100 camera. The comparison of D3100 vs T3 clearly shows that the D3100 is more advanced for an entry-level DSLR camera. Of course, Nikon D3100 is not perfect but it offers beginners user-friendly features and better image quality.

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